Preparations for 2017 All Souls Party Begin!

It is that time of the year again! As we round the corner into October, the weather is finally beginning to cool and mornings are absolutely gorgeous. Still a bit warm in the day for my taste in “Fall” … but when you live in the desert…you really don’t get to complain!

We have started the marigolds, moved the memory altar framework into place and secured the band…just trying to knock out a little bit each day to avoid overwhelm.

As always, a number of friends have lost people dear to them this past year…the march of time continues on. To my mind, this just confirms the importance of celebrating with the family and friends that surround us, while keeping the memories of those already gone nestled deep in our hearts. Check back as we will be posting pics and details as the planning and preparation move forward.  I know we have some fabulous pics of the famous skeleton mermaid, but I’ll have to do a little digging to find them. In the meantime, here is a blast from the past…I believe it is from the inaugural party in 2011!

Check back as we will be posting pics and details as the planning and preparation move forward.  I know we have some fabulous pics of the famous skeleton mermaid, but I’ll have to do a little digging to find them. In the meantime, here is a blast from the past…I believe it is from the inaugural party in 2011! The legs were leftover from the skeleton mermaid project, and I initially through them in the cooler to entertain the kids. They were quite a bit smaller back then and thought it was hilarious, they still do! It has become one of our most popular pins on Pinterest!

Beware that last drink!

This guy had a really good time at our Annual All Souls Party!

Do you celebrate All Souls Day? What traditions do you have in your family to keep the memories of your loved ones alive? Tucson has the most amazing All Souls Procession every year … you should definitely make it a point to attend if you ever have the chance!

So long, Photobucket!

Well, boo. If you scroll through our past posts, you’ll notice most of the photos are missing and have been replaced by an ugly upgrade request photo from Photobucket.

Failed Photobucket

Bye-Bye Photobucket

Quite out-of-the-blue, they have changed their Terms of Service from a free platform to a $400/yr service fee. It is very unfortunate we weren’t given the opportunity to retrieve our photos before the changes went into effect. Other users are reporting that you have to upgrade to be able to download your own photos. We don’t plan to use Photobucket going forward, so the upgrade doesn’t make sense for us at this time.  So, for now, we are leaving the posts as they are and hope to track down our original pics to replace the photos where possible. Can’t see how these unexpected changes are going to be a win for Photobucket…? Have you been affected by this “upgrade”…let us know!

Valentine’s Day Dresses Are In Stock!

Valentine’s Day Dresses Are In Stock!


These dresses are made of our signature 100% comfy cotton and are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift … dentist approved! Our Valentine’s Day Dresses are in stock and available, but with a limited quantity and an order cut-off date of February 7th…you had better hurry! We are creating them from six different candy colors with your choice of text…all hand-dyed and hand painted just for your favorite little Valentine! XOXO

Our Favorite DIY Halloween Costumes for Infants and Toddlers

Our Favorite DIY Halloween Costumes for Infants and Toddlers


Inexpensive and Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Little Ghouls and Goblins

Easy. Peasy.  Done!

Halloween can sneak up on the best of us when we are busy caring for infants and chasing after toddlers.  Never fear, not THIS year … We’ve got your back. Below are some of our favorite low-effort, inexpensive yet adorable DIY costumes from some fabulously creative sites. So go ahead, be a Halloween Hero … with or without a cape … we’ll leave that up to you!



We LOVE this no-sew costume!

So bright and fun and with a no sew design, it couldn’t be easier! We came across this fabulous tutorial at The design can be adapted to other fruits and can be created in a jiffy. Bonus points for being a comfortable get-up to wear as well!


The tutorial for this little shrimp sushi roll costume can be found at In addition to being adorable and a cinch to put together, it has the added benefit of being visible while your little one is being carried around the party or trick-or-treating.

DIY Toddler Scuba Diver Halloween Costume


Fantastic! This tutorial comes from Delineate Your Dwelling and uses readily available materials, most of which you probably have around the house. In addition to being super cute, this costume appears to be comfortable and can be easily adjusted to match weather conditions.


OK, honestly, at least one adult here will be dressing up as Frida after seeing this tutorial…so perfect! This costume idea is from Oh Happy Day’s  / Little Artist Costumes feature (be sure to check out Warhol and Van Gogh, too!) Short list of materials and easy to throw together combined with comfort makes this an ideal toddler costume. And the eyebrows! Priceless!

DIY Toddler Scuba Diver Halloween Costume


This fabulous costume comes to us via the Yellow Pear Photography. Adorable R2D2 get-up is created from poster board and construction paper, duct tape, a metal bowl and a bike helmut. Genius! Pretty sure this could be scaled for an adult too!

It’s pumpkin coffee time again!


Here is a post from last year around this time…October 4th I believe. I just stopped in to Trader Joe’s in search of it but it hadn’t arrived yet. Anyone else spot it?

From the Vault:
Ok, now that the weather is start to turn…mornings and evenings anyway…I find myself gravitating towards an “Autumn” menu…anyone else? This is my new favorite treat, Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Coffee. Now, I am a fan of the Fall Specialty Drinks at the coffee shop, (Pumpkin Spice Latte, anyone?) but find it difficult to justify the calories and sugar. This unsweetened treat has all the flavor without the guilt- “orange peel, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ground vanilla beans and pumpkin spice oil” …and I feel good about not starting my day with the equivalent of dessert! Pumpkin Spice Delicious photo TJsPumpkinSpiceCoffee.jpg
If you try it, let me know what you think. What is your current fav Fall drink?

My house is a mess today and why I’m ok with it!

Just in case you too are sitting down for another cup of coffee (let’s not say how many we’ve had already) and casting a look around your house, heaving a heavy sigh, realizing that though you have only been home for 30 minutes today, you will have to leave in 15 minutes to drive your 3rd of four carpools. As the realization sweeps over you, “I am definitely NOT going to make a dent in the chaos of books and clothes and soccer equipment and dishes and laundry” (I’ll stop…you know the drill) …I offer you this simple link from the New York Times with a bit of welcome news. You are not letting your family down by not conquering this mess today … oh no, on the contrary! You are actually performing a valuable service  for family. Just one click and you can sit back and enjoy that cup of coffee before jumping back into the car. Oh wait, I’m out of time…I’ll have to drink my coffee in the car.

Find of the Week

Came across these via Food52…love them! I am certain buying and using these would instantly organize my fridge. Maybe even my whole life! I’m off to order some now…