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It’s pumpkin coffee time again!

Here is a post from last year around this time…October 4th I believe. I just stopped in to Trader Joe’s in search of it but it hadn’t arrived yet. Anyone else spot it? From the Vault: Ok, now that the weather is start to turn…mornings and evenings anyway…I find myself gravitating towards an “Autumn” menu…anyone… read more

My house is a mess today and why I’m ok with it!

Just in case you too are sitting down for another cup of coffee (let’s not say how many we’ve had already) and casting a look around your house, heaving a heavy sigh, realizing that though you have only been home for 30 minutes today, you will have to leave in 15 minutes to drive your… read more

Find of the Week

Came across these via Food52…love them! I am certain buying and using these would instantly organize my fridge. Maybe even my whole life! I’m off to order some now…… read more

A a new skirt design from the Studio-the Stella skirt…adorable.… read more

An Elfin Dinner- A Fun Holiday dinner idea for the kids

This fun and easy holiday dinner idea is a hit with our kids and is quickly becoming a Holiday tradition…last year it was a tiny elfin picnic (pics on that later) and this year it was a dinner of tiny things. (Just to clarify-it was a dinner made of elf-sized foods, not a dinner made… read more

What does your closet look like?

As I mentioned earlier this week, the weather has finally turned chilly here in the Southwest…a welcome change. As the Winter weather sets in, I am compelled to sort and put away my Summer clothes and shoes. Pride prevents me from showing a picture of the status of this project, but I did come across… read more

Chai Spice Apple Oatmeal

Well, our weather has finally turned Fall-ish…chilly in the morning, warm in the afternoon with a return to sweaters in the evening, all while still enjoying our flowers and garden-perfect! Thought I would share this breakfast with you. Healthy, quick and kid-friendly! I found this spice blend awhile ago and decided to give it a… read more

A little snippet of loveliness, on a tiny scrap of birch bark, made my day…

So I found this little, tiny, itsy-bitsy scroll of birch bark next to my coffee cup this morning. A well-timed bit of sweetness to counter the sour of tween angst that is becoming more and more prevalent in our home these days. (Whew! Makes me (almost) long for the “terrible twos!”) This made my day… read more

Fav Fall Find-Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Ok, now that the weather is start to turn…mornings and evenings anyway…I find myself gravitating towards an “Autumn” menu…anyone else? This is my new favorite treat, Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Coffee. Now, I am a fan of the Fall Specialty Drinks at the coffee shop, (Pumpkin Spice Latte, anyone?) but find it difficult to justify… read more

Bells and whistles! Seriously, it plays music!

Woohoo! A new washer and dryer arrived on Friday-too cool. (Is it sad that I am really excited about this?) The washing machine is gigantic…I can literally cut the number of loads I’ll have to do in half, and it looks and sounds like a spaceship. The kids are fascinated by it! It even plays… read more